Web pages


Carol is also experienced in writing blogs, e-blasts and brochures, and has written copy for websites, advertisements and marketing campaigns. Give her an idea and she will run with it; any changes are always included free of charge. $50/page (includes client interview and any subsequent rewrites)


Rewriting is also one of Carol's specialties. Whether you need an old site completely rewritten; or have a general idea of what direction you want but not the specifics, we can collaborate to make your vision a reality. $35/page (includes rewriting of full pages or expanding upon bullet points)

If your need is editing, Carol and Blossom Editing have you covered. From editing full-length novels to the content on your website, Carol is quick, efficient and eager to please. If you have a deadline, she will not only meet but exceed expectations; in her eyes, the customer is always right. $8/page (includes spelling, grammar and general run of sentence)

  • All pages are based on 325 words, amounts are in Canadian dollars.

    * Minimum $50 charge for Web page projects

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