Once you have your website up and running, why is it so important that you continually refresh that content? I’m glad you asked!

1.       Google favours new content. Do you want to be top-ranked in Google? Including new content in your website is a way of doing so. The days of keywords and keyword stuffing are pretty much over (and I’m sure Internet readers everywhere have breathed a sigh of relief); Google is now granting front page glory to those sites with newer, or more refreshed content.

2.       Readers enjoy it. Who wants to visit a site more than once when there is never anything new for them to read? Variety is key—include a new blog one week, showcase a new product another—you’ll soon find, especially if you provide quality content, that you’ll garner more followers.

3.       Excuse to promote on social media. Social media is one of the easiest (and most fun!) ways of promoting your business. Tweet that you’ve added a blog (I will when I’ve posted this one!), Facebook your new product … the sky is the limit.

So there you go – five reasons why you should add refreshed content to your website. If you’re having problems coming up with blog topics, or would like someone to help you write new copy for your website, feel free to e-mail me at carol@blossomediting.com.