Today’s blog is more of an update than anything else. If all has gone to plan, I now have a dedicated phone number (250-964-3520) for Blossom Editing; this makes it much easier for you to get a hold of me when you need copy done yesterday.

I wanted to quickly get into engaging content. My colleague, Chrystal Green of Chrystal Green Social Media (, mentioned a quote that I absolutely adore.

“Content is king, but engagement is queen and she rules the house.” – Mari Smith

Any content that is not engaging is just words—what I like to call “fluffy writing” because it has no substance and no real purpose. Anything that you send to clients—whether it be an e-newsletter, a blog or even a Facebook post—needs to pique the reader’s interest—leave them wanting more. Always leave a way for your client to contact you at the bottom of the correspondence.

So at that—if you need any writing or editing done, feel free to contact me, Carol Hansson, the “Queen” of engaging content! 250-964-3520 or