Lorem ipsum -- placeholder, or dummy text -- has been used in the printing industry since the 1500s. It has since transferred over to websites and the Internet almost a little too successfully -- as there are many websites (over 126 million, according to Google) that use the text.

Granted, some of those websites are legit, as they provide information about lorem ipsum -- but many are everyday companies that haven't changed the supplied text.

Lorem ipsum is an extreme example of scraped or thin content -- content that appears elsewhere on the Internet, and is not unique to your company. I know many web design companies struggle with clients that do not understand the value of unique, creative content -- it's always difficult to sell someone something they don't understand.

One way to explain copied text is lorem ipsum (did you know: Delorem ipsum translates to pain in and of itself?) ... many people have seen it, most don't know what it means, or exactly what it is. However -- everyone knowsWilliam Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet -- also written in the 1500s. Content of Shakespeare's calibre is greatly preferred over placeholder text, is it not?

So next time you're having problems explaining creative content to your clients, try, "Where forth art thou?"