In Prince George, we are having a literally infestation of caterpillars. And I mean millions of the creepy-crawly things ... they're all over my lawn, my paddock fence, my tack room--and even my horses!

It got me to thinking. What do caterpillars and content have to do with each other--if anything?

Here's what I came up with.

The numerous caterpillars in my back yard are like all of the websites that exist on the Web. (Yes, my house is now the centre of the Internet.) All of them have the same basic framework -- they all have the same amount of legs (too many to count), the same fuzzy body and the same colouring. But not all of them are the same.

Some of them crawl to the very tippy top of trees and nest there.

Some of them land in the grass and never move.

Some of them find a comfy spot (like one of my fence posts) and gather a bunch of friends for a caterpillar party.

Some of them are continually on the move, discovering new things and new places.

So how are these like websites, you ask?

The ones that live at the top of the trees are like the fancy websites that work hard to get to the very top of their field, but then stagnate because they figure they've done all they can.

The ones that land in the grass, well, those are the websites that get all excited in the beginning but fall short of the mark.

The ones that are comfortably curled up on my fence post have found their niche--whatever it may be--and are happy to stay there.

The ones on the move? Those are the ones that are constantly trying new things, instituting new ideas and adding fresh new content. That is the idea--not only is content king, fresh content beats the king with a straight flush any day.

So my point? From the ground to the trees, all websites need to have fresh content to survive. For more information about my copywriting, feel free to e-mail me at